To animal advocated and pet lovers STOP EUTHANASIA OF PREGNANT DOGS AND CATS - Follow the Journey
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A happy, healthy, socialized adult dog or cat ideally begins before birth.

Over the years my love of fostering small pregnant moms, or displaced moms with litters, has exploded with need and demand. Taking place in my loving home; with a clean, warm and caring environment. Puppies and kitties are hand-raised with love and all needs met until age of adoption.

What started as a loving important interest/hobby has exploded into a need fulfilling proper dietary nutrition with specific prenatal and nursing diets etc. Cleaning and laundry supplies, utilities, washer and dryer which is in constant use. Heating pads, heating lamps, and the list continues...

I have developed a following and reputation in the rescue/shelter world in the greater Chicagoland area. My puppies, kitties, and moms are healthy, loved, well socialized and in demand for adoption.

I am constantly contacted and approached to take more and more pregnant dogs and cats otherwise headed for


Today every puppy and kitty deserves the best beginning.

Tomorrow they will be the perfect pets.

On behalf of the moms, puppies, kitties and our future pets I ask for your help and contribution to...

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